• It may have avoided the low compression nonsense, but the 530i couldn't escape all of the emissions mandate casualities. Primarily, I'm talking about the dreaded thermal reactor…..these manifolds were a pox on the car, causing overheating, valve issues, and cracked cylinder heads (the latter issue being also due to a design flaw in the head.)

    Obviously on a car this old, most of these issues should have been resolved, but there was and still is a reason that the subsequent 528i variant was considered highly preferable to this model, and given that they change hands for similar money, might be worth seeking out.

  • That's an American show car color….very different on this Shape.
    The spoiler looks like an aftermarket I had on a 323 German spec.

    Someone is going to get a head turner.

  • It looks to be in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania rather than Lancaster, CA. As far as I am aware, Giotto (or Mosaccio for that matter) never created frescos in either location.

    • i could sure go for an icy cold fresca and one of those super-crunchy pennsylvania sourdough pretzels right now – wonder why i thought of that

  • God, I loved those. I should have bought the 528i I test-drove in 1983. I've never owned an E12, or an E3.

    Sadly, pretty as this thing may be, it's among those years that got the thermal-reactor smog hardware. Us Californians ought to stick to '75s.

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