• Well, that was quick! The ad is gone, and I suppose maybe the car is also. Either that, or someone tipped them off that it was too cheap. Did anyone see how many miles were on it?

    • bmwvin.com > BV94113

      pro: new tires, water pump, plugs – good leather, shiny paint, minimal dings inside and out – upgrade head/taillights, big subwoofer, 600W amp, tinted windows (thx previous guy!) – i swear it's been lowered a tiny bit – ice cold AC

      con: 184k miles (not really a con, now is it?) – a few missing pixels – got a little shimmy at ~50mph, even after the new tires, balancing and 2 alignments (so what the heck is it? anyhoo, it doesn't stay at 50 for long 😉

      reason selling: moving far away – sucks because i just got the dang thing last year, exactly the one i wanted and had been waiting for 🙁 – my loss is your gain

      hey, vince – how should they contact me? – don't want to post my email – tips email? – should we do a post on this?

    • We could make a completely new post for something like this…or…if anybody want's Kaibeezy's 540i 6-speed — just send an email to the tips email and we'll put you in contact.

    • +1 on the DT writeup on Kaibeezy's car. What better use for DT?!?

      Where are you moving to, roughly? Moving out to where the action is, the NE? Really, there's no action here. I just like to think there is.

    • The front end shimmy will be worn front thrust arm bushings. Reach under the front of the car and grab the big curved lower arm and try to wiggle. Any tiniest movement at all, and the bushings are done. Factory they are a X shaped bushing. Good for isolation, bad on longevity. Get the arms from ecs tuning with the heavy duty meyle full bushing, iirc $135 per. Replace both sides! Did mine in an afternoon. 1999 540i Touring driver.

    • @pcar – well, heck, wish i'd asked you sooner – too late for me now – next guy can do – i'll be sure to pass that along

      @k2 – if it was the northeast i would be driving it across – after fixing the thrust arms – or maybe tow it with the roadmaster…

    • Yeah, 50mph shimmy is the front thrust arm bushings, if you're replacing the bushings in the existing arms use E53 X5 bushings turned around (the E53 arms mount in the opposite orientation to the E39 V8 arms.

      180k miles is thin ice if the cam guides haven't been changed. Needs done now.

  • I hardly ever buy movies on DVD. I just don't have any more room for stuff in my house plus I'm tired of the clutter. So it's gotta be something really special (or impossibly hard to see otherwise) for me to buy a flick on DVD. Well, The Hire was something I needed to own on DVD, so I bought it. Chosen is one of my favorite in the series of short movies and I can think of no finer film (albeit a short) that features the 540i. I'd be flabbergasted if all of you hadn't already see it, but here's the entire thing again. If you haven't seen it in a while, then it's high time you revisited it! I know I'm enjoying seeing it again.


  • Hard to argue with the price. Then again, you could spend an order of magnitude less and get this autobahn-storming beauty –
    [img] images.craigslist.org/00d0d_3Ha6chQhf6I_600x450.jpg[/img]

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