• Ewwwww, it's got implants in front AND in the booty.

    Please, someone in a state where the Geheime Smogpolizei doesn't come after you with meathooks and piano wire for anything post-1975 take this thing and clean it up.

  • Seems like a good deal for an honest DT-er type croc. I wish I had the space. Sure, it's had a colour change. But what other BL product can you get from a relatively dry part of the country for 4.5K?

  • I bought one for $4.5k in the early aughties. It was cool as with my cheeks planted I could pick up objects off the ground. It was slow, but it felt fast, since the non-boosted brakes even when working correctly were sketchy.

    Mine had 49k, which was believable because there were plenty of reasons not to drive it. NADA says I should have made a profit on it in the 10 years I had it, but I wound up with a small loss. In this condition, it is likely to remain a $4500 car. I always dreamed of a new engine, like from a rusted out 280z. It would have lent itself well to electric conversion too since it was light, you didn't have to go to far to match OEM power, and didn't have to worry about running power steering, brake boosters or heaters.

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