• Looks pretty solid….easy to work on (single carb) and parts a-plenty at several vendors. A nice little rig for a Sunday morning drive in the twisties with your white scarf around your neck.
    I would swap out the wheels for some wires with hub adapters but that's about all I would do to it.

  • gorgeous car. seats are original style to 68 -74. solid headrest no recline. after 74 they had ajustable headrest and had recline. but these period seats in the 71 are my fav looking ones. as for which spits look best… thats up to the beholder… to me the 71-74 spits are the prettiest. i don't really like the mk 1 – 3 spits…. well thats not true i like those too… it's just that i like the later version look much better. they are better driving cars too.

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