• A quick peek at the above link has piqued our interest in Nelson Piquet's crash at the peak of his career. Piquet's car hit a patch of Peak Antifreeze (TM) while racing up Pikes Peak.

  • Oh wow, I love this one. During the years that I was a mechanic for Formula Fords, I often toyed with the idea of widening a chassis, and making a street-legal thing like this.

    I can't imagine being able to have more fun for $5K, even if you only used it to drive to track days and auto-crosses. You would save $5K just by not needing a tow car and trailer.

    The drive home from California to Ontario Canada might be the deal breaker for me however.


  • I saw a bunch of these at the Portland INternational Raceway last summer. There is a whole class of vintage racers powered with VW engines…and look just like this. The guy I talked to said they are an absolute kick to race!! Looks like fund!

  • I have driven this car, My Dad owned it, it was built in 1967 and Mike Kline built it, the fender laws changed and he destroyed the mold and scrapped the plan to produce them. It was original white with red and blue trim. I have a picture of it and the path of ownership then went to Dave ******** who claimed he built it in Hot VW magazine, Mike Kline saw this and the magazine reissued the story corrected. It was then bought by the owner in Alpine who also owned the Grinder Sandwich shop in El Cajon California

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