1. Tanj!
    April 9, 2015 @ 3:16 pm

    I'm awarding you 36 internet points for the are all gears are neutral comment.

  2. K2
    April 9, 2015 @ 3:19 pm

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  3. sean scott
    April 9, 2015 @ 3:59 pm

    Thema and Louis?

    [img] cherryhillcars.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Philadelphia-Louis-C.K.-and-Jerry-Seinfeld-drive-a-1959-Fiat-Jolly-Comedians-in-Cars-Getting-Coffee.png[/img]

  4. Fleetwood T. Brougham
    April 9, 2015 @ 4:33 pm

    These cars are a great way to turn a large fortune into a small fortune, but this one is starting to near what I call the Maserati Biturbo point on the bell curve, where you say "ehhh, I know better, but at this price, why not?"

  5. Gianni
    April 9, 2015 @ 4:47 pm

    Here's a little promo video about the town it's located in, Renton, WA:


    • Unknown
      April 9, 2015 @ 4:52 pm


    • Gianni
      April 9, 2015 @ 4:58 pm

      And of course you can't forget Renton Abbey


    • Unknown
      April 9, 2015 @ 5:22 pm

      Why so much love (hate) for Renton?

    • Gianni
      April 9, 2015 @ 10:08 pm

      No more than for any city nearby Seattle or for any Seattle neighborhood. These are from a local Seattle skit comedy show from the 90's (and its current offspring) from back when cities near Seattle had a distinct personality as well as neighborhoods in Seattle. Sadly, a lot of that has slipped away and people who have moved here recently have no idea about this stuff like Ballard is full of old Scandinavians, Kent is red necks with 4×4 pickups, my city Bothell is full of old people ("Bothell is having its 5th annual Bring Back Kojak parade and rally"), Kirkland architecture is post-Taco Bell…

    • BarbaraPaddles
      April 10, 2015 @ 9:30 pm

      …and all this from a Seattle post. Here on the salt=rust East, I've been NW-culturally deprived. Thnx G.

  6. Anonymous
    April 9, 2015 @ 5:07 pm

    I owned a 5-speed Saab 9000 Turbo from this mash up family, and it was actually a pretty nice car. Reasonably sporty, comfortable, and had massive cargo capacity with the rear seats folded. 15 fewer horses with half the cylinders.

  7. mrkwong
    April 9, 2015 @ 7:12 pm

    The 8.32 (and the Fazzazi from which the motor was peached) uses Bosch KE-Jetronic, the last gasp for the mechanical CIS product line.

    This is one of those cars you have to really want for highly personal reasons, 'cause that same $4500 will buy you a decent E28 or E34 535i that'll run rings around it.

    The good news – and possibly the reason he might be able to bring it out of hiding and sell it for something – is that it's now past the 25-year NHTSA import window.

    • Christopher T. Mahoney
      April 18, 2015 @ 2:46 am

      So it's legal?

  8. Achman
    April 10, 2015 @ 6:57 pm

    Unlike the BiTurbo, the engine in the 8.32 is rather reliable. This car is rare in the US, handles great (yes I've driven one) and makes sounds that no BMW can match…and I am a multiple BMW owner. $4000 and $4000 in upgrades/maintenance and for under $10k you have an Italian thoroughbred that no one will know what it is, but will recognize the sound anywhere.

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