• That looks way easier to work on than the stock 4.3 V6.

      I had a 1996 Safari. Wait, the wife had a 1996 Safari. (There fixed!)
      To pull the plugs from the stock 4.3 V consisted of one from the engine compartment and one from the interior. Then the balance of the plugs through the wheel wells.

      We now have a 2001 Blazer 4.3 V6.
      You would think access would be improved since the engine is all under-hood.
      Noooo…. You still need to pull the plugs through the wheel wells and one of them is located directly behind the steering shaft. I modified a special shorty wrench just for that location and it's still a b%#%^&?

  • I have to admit, it appeals to my inner hoon. Oh hell, my outer hoon too.

    He doesn't discuss the aspiration, but given the nature of the rest of the build I'm going to assume a carb, that and the Hookers and the gutted cats render it unsmoggable in California even if you could get a BAR referee to buy off on the swap (or a blind smog tech not to recognize it as something other than a 4.3).

    Once upon a time there was a guy doing bored-and-sleeved 900cfm TBI throttle bodies for the 454SS crew, but that was long ago…

  • This sure would be fun for a day at the drag strip.

    First, gotta make sure the exhaust system is extremely quiet. Add an exhaust cut out.

    Show up early and make several low speed passes around 20 seconds for test & tune.
    Everybody will be rolling their eyes with each test & tune pass. 8^)

    Then when the real bracket racing starts dial in your real time.
    Just as you get lined up at the tree open the exhaust cut-outs.

    The first pass will have everyone standing on their feet and cheering!

  • It is small with no raised roof. It would be a very inefficient choice as a sleeper unit. How many miles per gallon would that drive train option produce? I suppose it can tow a trailer well.

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