• Pretty cool find. Certainly would generate some attention at the next local car show. It would be even cooler if we knew it actually could be driven. What are the odds the seller set a reasonable reserve based on that unknown?

    Then there's the column-mounted shifter action…which will take some getting used to.

  • Guys.way too harsh! These used to abound in university towns……..which among a downscale sector of the plitical universe would doom it..but not with elitist me…..but nonetheless………have you ever seen a cleaner more detailed engine that HASNT run in forty years? Hmmmmmm.

    • I don't see anything overly harsh going on here…neither in the text above nor in the comments. The car looks amazing for a survivor, but it's justified to be a bit skeptical of mechanical condition when the car admittedly hasn't run in 43 years.

  • Never very popular in the USA but good cars they ride nice i l lived in South America and there was quite a few running around.I know there were a lot in Africa also.

  • I grew up in a college town during the 60's when sweater wearing pipe smoking wannabe authors drove these. They also worked as Taxis in Nairobi. I've ridden in them in two continents, each time I was left with the same thought… Let ME OUT!! But in fairness it was because the first was driven way too slow, the second with reckless abandon. The mental scars remain so I'll just pass.

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