• I don't know about how well they work, but ASC sure made these look good with the top down. No interrupted lines. Plus the parade cap cleans it up even better.

  • Between the dash cover embroidered with the name "Beverley", the remnants of a bumper sticker soliciting grandchildren inquiries, and the background of rv's, this has to be one of the few fabled little old ladies' cars. Oh God, I wish I had the lucre available to jump on this creampuff.

  • Difficult to find a better daily driver convertible anywhere for the money, MPG, and dependability. I call it a steal if it is as appears.

  • Check out this car's decidedly much worse off twin , same price, over double the mileage and probably four times the abuse.

  • Nice cruiser, I guess, but for real driving you lose too much structure when you cut the top off.

    Would rather spend that money on a nice similar-vintage Supra with the roof intact.

    If anyone's a Toyota stats expert, let me know how many 6-speed MkIV Supra Turbos were sold in the US *without* the removable roof.

    • mrkwong — according to mkiv.com a total of 326 of 6-speed TT left the factory without a "sport roof." Good luck finding one that hasn't been wrapped around a pole by a wrestler's son or isn't covered in a hideous body kit. If you find it, prepare for sticker shock.


    • I would have figured the number a bit higher than that. Okay, I can go back to shopping Ferrari 400s with SBCs then….

  • Loved these cars then and still to this day, and I love all of your comments. Saw one of these on BringaTrailer not long ago, and also one down here in Athens, Georgia last year. still so rare, yet so agressive looking. lustworthy to this day. cheers, nelson wells, athens, ga

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