• I had one of these briefly with the intent of doing that same engine swap. I traded it to a guy (who I assume has the exact same goal I gave up on) for a busted 944 turbo. I should'a realized there was a reason he was eager to make that trade. Anybody got a good idea for a 944 turbo with spun main bearings?

    This Bav is much nicer than mine was, I really like the green/tan combo.

    • Yep. I'd fix your 951 back to stock with a good used engine. Don't know what they're going for, the last time I looked (admittedly quite awhile ago), between $2K-$3K for a used motor. Swap away if that's your druthers but I wouldn't vote for that. Call me crazy. Or get rid of it and let somebody else deal with it. But you'd end up with a great car if you just stick with the P-car motor and it'd still be worth some $$$. Swap in anything else and then you'd have to find another person who would such a thing. I and my 951 cronies (back when I had one) wouldn't be interested in a car like that but judging by what interests DTers there are folks out there that do. What year is it?

      Sincerely, Crazy

    • '87. Seeing what nice ones are going for, I could easily make my money back and a bit of a profit if I put the proper engine in. It's a lot of damn work to get that engine in/out though. Makes BMW big 6 swaps seem easy by comparison. Guess it's going to sit till I get my other projects in order.

    • True but there are certainly worse. 87 is a bit simpler than some of the newer ones. But for the life of me, I can't remember why. I'm sure you'll end up doing what makes the most sense for you. Best of luck and let us know how it goes!

  • The 3.0/Bavaria was the first car I really, really WANTED. Okay, yeah, I liked Cobras and I liked GT350s and I liked Panteras more, but the '72 Bavaria brochure was pure pr0n. Still have it around here somewhere.

    A pre-bumper Bavaria with an M30B35 would be nice. A pre-bumper Bavaria with an LSA would be even nicer…

  • Did nobody else giggle when they read it was in Poncey Highlands? Sounds like a made-up name for a snooty neighborhood…. not that I know anything about it.

  • Oh, and on a semi-related note, I've driven a friend's M30B35-powered E12 530i, and that thing brought something out in me that would quickly get me in trouble. Pretty fun.

  • I tried SO HARD to get my parents to buy an E12 when they came out.

    Not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing that they didn't, as they ended up in a '78 Caprice that, while a bit cheaper, had a never-ending parade of little gotchas culminating in the engine having its cam lobes for lunch at 44K miles.

    I almost bought an '81 some years later, and probably should have, but went on to years of Saab and SHO ownership, shopped E34 M5s a couple times but never actually bought a 5er until we filled the driveway with E39s a few years later.

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