• These were nice cars, but just a tad lacking in personality next to their 5-series brethren, and I'm guessing that these days thirty Benjamins will get you an E28 533i or 535i with broader third-party support, later generation engine controls, 25 more HP and another gear.

    Age is compressing the price differentials on these cars to the point that the difference between an E28, an E34, and an E39 isn't much more than a set of shocks. You can throw the E32 and E38 in the mix too if you've got long-legged relatives.

    • Just to continue the thought a little further – you buy an E3 because you want an E3, an E9 because you want an E9, an E12 because you want an E12 because the E28 is cheap and better than any of those as a car.

      You may buy an E28 because you want an E28, but it's also a usable car and cheap. E32s and E34s and now E38s and E39s are desirable enough, but cheap too.

      The E24 is not memorable enough to make the first list, ergo there's really no reason to buy one in preference to an E32 or E34.

  • This was my car. It ended up going to Chicago. This car was such a good car. The 4 speed was fun and would run about 3k rpms at 70mph so the highway was never a problem. The original paint was almost perfect and driving it was like being an on land ship captain. Would love to get another one.

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