• Correct and thanks.

      If anyone needs additional pictures or information they can email me.
      It may be difficult to get good pictures until the weekend since it starts to get dark by the time I get home from work. It doesn't help that I have a 53 mile commute and I am driving the wife's Mustang II this week with old unbalanced tires. It only likes being under 62 miles per hour!

  • I think that those cars are overrated (heavy and slow with a useless back seat). But they are very interesting and that's a hell of a price. Despite my reservations, I'd jump on it if it was closer.

  • Rene, I'm truly bummed for you, brother. Despite your Miata epiphany, I can't help but think that if Swedish Ops hadn't been the complete, utter, indisputable DB that he is you would have not lost your drive and I would be looking at your car for inspiration. One fewer coffin cruiser sours my disposition a bit, but I know I can go to you when I have questions regarding my own. Best of luck with your sale, Rene.

    • Thanks for the kind words doctordel. I figured it would take me at least two summers to take the 1800ES in another direction with my busy work schedule. So changing to the Miata brought the timeline in dramatically.
      I sure will miss glancing back at the lines of the 1800ES just like looking at a passing beautiful women. We do refer to our cars as "she" don't we?
      Keep me updated on your project. I still will keep my 1800 interests alive.

  • Special thanks to Daily Turismo for the Exclusive.
    I have had many inquiries.
    I plan to give the Michigan 1800 owner the first crack to see the car this weekend as it turns out I know him from the Volvo Great Lakes Chapter! Plus it is better that someone see the car rather than buy it long distance sight unseen. (Like I am doing with the Mazda, Doooh!)

    • +1! I hope he buys it! Those are indeed some cool pipes. I didn't know they were stock like that. I've never even driven a 1800ES. What Mazda?

    • I purchased a turbo Miata for the twisties and the track while I still have my reflexes.
      This will replace my Volvo 1800ES that should have been that car.

    • 1992 at this LINK

      BTW to all, I spent few hours on the ES on Friday,
      Fixed the gas leak, threw in an old battery, put in some premium fuel in the gas tank, and got it started! Motor sounds real good.
      So it can be moved under it's own power for a very short distance until the brakes start dragging or it starts running rich as it warms up.

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