• The faded red is really nasty!
    I remember these being killer on the track with the right mods.
    I had a '75 Buick V6 version that was originally designed to hold the rotary that GM never used.
    The quality of build was the worst….

  • The only wonder here is how it can be worth $3500. I love Monzas, but there's nothing in those photos that resembles that kind of money.

  • These were built in an era when cost savings trumped weight savings every time. These were heavy turds, 3200lb if an ounce and nary an airbag or 12-speaker stereo to be found, full of iron bits borrowed from intermediates.

    My first real girlfriend had the Buick version, with the odd-fire V6. Not quite the slowest car I've ever driven in my life, but damn close.

    Pretty shape, arguably prettier than the third-gen Camaro to which it contributed its torque-arm rear suspension, but horribly engineered and horribly built.

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