• It's got the rabbit ears!

    Like going to the zoo and dodging the poo flung at us by our tail-bearing predecessors, sometimes cars bear the physical remnants of features that've long since gone in the evolutionary recycling bin.

    And so you have the little dwarf antennae that pop up out of the rear fenders to allow the driver to see where the rear corners of the car are while backing up.

    This was obsoleted within a very few years by echo-ranging backup sensors, and now the gummint wants cameras in the back of just about everything so you can back up while staring at the console and get clobbered by that bus you'd have seen if you'd ever bothered to look around. Personally, I prefer the beepers.

  • I owned a low mileage one of these and the repairs costs were out of sight – great to drive until something goes wrong – parts prices are very high – build that into your buying decision.

  • Autotempest is great for scouring Craigslist.

    I also love the W140, but the more I researched, the better the W124 looked, for overall reliability and parts cost. Still can't convince my wife to drive anything that old unfortunately, despite how gorgeous they are.

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