• Um, sorry but there is not enough wax in all the eardrums in all the seniors residences of the world to bring that finish back from the dead!

    I know, I know, it's not finish, it's Swedish…..

  • Here's a fun game for readers: try to determine the meaning of the vanity plate.

    "WD6CTS" may at first glance look like a run-of-the mill sequential plate but the format is wrong for a 70s / 80s CA blue plate which would be either 123 ABC or ABC 123 depending on year. So it's a personalized deal.

    "Water Displacement (40): 6 Cans To Spray"

    "WeeD 6 CaTS"

  • As a market reference for DTers who may be interested in an 1800S: I sold my wife's car last year for $3750, a 1966 model that looked almost identical to this one on the outside. That is, very "patinated."

    Here's my for sale writeup: dailyturismo.com/2014/04/from-dt-fleet-duckling-1966-volvo-1800s.html

    Versus the car shown on this page, our Duckling:
    -Ran well
    -Was complete
    -Had new seats (not cheap)
    -Had a title and current registration
    -Came with a pile of upgrade / repair parts

    Granted, I think I could have gotten more for the car (maybe $4500) but it did need extensive body and paint work. This San Jose '65 could be a fair deal if rust is only superficial and if the mechanical bits are in good shape despite sitting…dice roll. At the bare minimum you'd need to replace anything made of rubber, and likely go through the whole fuel system on this one.

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