• Not a fan of poseur ///M badging whatsoever, but the ///MTi is a clever rebadging that I can get behind in this case. Tail-happy is right; flogging my friends ratty e30 in the HS parking lot at 2am remains a fondest motoring memory…

  • "Drive Type: LEFT" I think maybe the answer was supposed to be "RWD"

    Did anyone follow this? "hose from p/s tank, and left door to be re keyed coolant tank or sensor not sure and find the leak in the evap I smoke tested it a work There are no leaks I can find. The light only come on after I have been siting idling for more than 5 minute" Not the clearest listing.

    No word on the drivetrain mileage (assuming the 214K is on the chassis), but regardless, that might hold back the bidders a bit. If you appreciate what this car is – and enjoy your rear end trying to pass your front end regularly – $4500 might seem like a reasonable price to pay.

  • Original 4 banger was not "crude" when introduced in 1991 in 1.8 liter version. but state of the art: individual coil ignition, latest Bosch engine management, etc. Rev-happy, with fairly high specific output. Slight bump to 1.9 liters for 318Ti. It just had bit much weight to push around.

  • This certainly looks like a lot of fun for the money. This era of M3 is a wonderful car to drive and is about the only way to make a 3 series ti entertaining in my humble opinion. Unless of course a LS swap had been performed.

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