• Wow, survivor 2nd-gen BART, nice color combo, low miles. Wonder what the reserve is? Working AC even…

    Too bad about that "custom" shifter grip and the hacked up dash around the stereo. Seats and carpet condition would corroborate low mile claim, but driver's seat back bolster is duct taped, but that one panel could be replaced by a good upholstery shop.

    Spare wheel looks freshly repainted, and tire looks non-stock for an '80s spare. Freemasons badge on tailgate?

    Tempting little AWD fun machine.

  • I have a 1986 gl hatchback that is built on the same platform as the brat. The 4×4 option cars that came with a manual trans always meant a 4 speed. They have a real transfer case with 2 HI / 4 HIGH and of course 4 LOW that operates with a lever by the shifter. This does make them a true "four wheel drive" unlike the all wheel drive Subies that were built '94 & up. I'm sure lots of us here know this and if you didn't and you care at all then you have learned something. They will go just about anywhere, get great gas mileage and almost always attract smiles, questions and positive reactions by people of all ages.

  • Oh, and the spare tire and wheel combo looks just like mine which has never been used and resides atop a flat four that loves to pull steep dirt roads in 4/low at just abt any RPM that will keep the wheels turning

  • I don't understand the bidding thing–what are you asking for the car? I am looking for a 4wd Brat w/ air conditioning–"costaricariver[at]yahoo.com"

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