• Yeah, the '70 SportsRoof was probably the prettiest Mustang ever, at worst second to the '64-66 fastback.

    Go on, you know you want to.

    I would, if I didn't have other project cars awaiting my attention in comparable condition.

  • As a product planner, it is amazing to think of the investment level each year. You hit on the biggest changes, but there were other differences between 1969 and 1970 Mustangs. Notably, the tail lights changed. Interior changes were minimal.

    This is one of the greatest Pony cars and has lots of potential. That 351 Cleveland (you can tell it's a Cleveland by the radiator hose location) can put out a lot of power and most people today would be surprised at how relatively rev-happy it can be for a domestic V8. A version of the 351C head was used to create the Boss 302, after all, and the 351C-4V itself was good enough for the Pantera…

    Side note: The '69-70 Mustangs were designed for the 428 engine, but not the 429. The Boss 429 specifically went to Kar Kraft after initial assembly so that they could widen the shock towers, make a few other mods and install the 429. The non-Boss 429 was available in 1971.

    • One consideration here is that the Boss 429 heads were considerably larger than the standard 429 wedge heads which made it that much harder to fit.

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