• Loving the esoterica here, guys. FWIW, sunscreen is always the best remedy for an elderly patient in v-fib, but only as long as they have a DNR signed in Benjamin Moore "Stolen Kiss", not "Crimson Creek". Or something.

  • You can't even attempt to put a mid-'90s Cad Northstar in one of these without some very major electronics swappage. Everything was changed in 2000. Even the crankshafts are different. How does that affect the electronics? Simple- the way the timing wheels were cast and cut. I know this because of a very long project I was married to.

    Looking back, the 88 and 98 nameplates should have been used. Sort of a final act of geezer defiance. Actually quite a decent car, but Olds was doomed by then anyway.

  • If I remember correctly, these came with a different version of the Northstar V8, so there's a pretty good chance that this one would pretty much bolt on and plug in easily. Still too much $ imo.

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