• Don't expect a refined ride or leather seats… or even the most basic of rust protection. Whatever you do, don't drop a salt-laden french fry on the floor of this thing. If you do, expect a french fry shaped rust hole wherever it landed in a few weeks.

  • As the tipper, I feel compelled to say that my wife will not let me near any Subaru of any vintage ever since I made the terrible mistake of buying a GL wagon on a dark and rainy night. It ran well enough about half the way home from the seller's house, when the engine seized. Didn't help that it looked like swiss cheese in the light of day, either.

    It's nice the seller has ripped out the rear seats. It would make a good sleeping area for the man whose wife won't forgive him for dragging it home.

  • Wow, ton of great suspension work, nice welds, excellent fabrication. This is well worth the BIN, although it's definitely pretty far into the off-road-only category. With the EJ25 it will not feel that slow. This is a lot lighter than my 02 Impreza which has the same engine and feels quick.

    The question of rust however…. better keep this one in the desert.

  • Had an '85 in High School. If the investment in a lift and snorkel the day it became mine had been made, the money saved on a new engine (seized, off-road "puddle" crossing, way too fast) and multiple exhaust systems (off-road, going too fast) would have been substantial. Sorry Dad.

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