• Seller has good taste: belt drive openers, stamped and triple coated concrete floors. They are also no strangers to entertaining, given the number of stacked chairs and folding tables arranged vertically in the overhead storage cages.

      Our garage floors are destined for either a) stained and polished concrete, or b) mud set porcelain tile. I really cannot decide…

    • @DoctorDel – yeah, floors like that make me drool. Unfortunately, up here in the Salt-Belt, you have to fight hard just to stop the concrete dissolving, if you use your garage to house your daily drivers.

      Also, since the daily drivers will be dripping a salty slurry pretty much non-stop for many months each year, those polished concrete floor are absolutely deadly. Textured finish is the only safe option.

      If I wanted a Garage-Mahal, I would pretty much have to have a separate building. Sadly, that's not gonna happen, so I content myself with trying to have a good work area in the garage I already have.

    • It's not the neatness or organization that gets me, it's the floors. My garage is neat and organized enough that I can find stuff and work on stuff. But I'm getting really tired of laying on the bare concrete. When I bought my house, the concrete was too green to paint and after moving my stuff and cars in, it would be a pain to move it all out and paint it. Wish I could have figured out a way.

    • I don't see a tool box or even one single piece of equipment that could be useful in working on a vehicle. I think that's why it's so clean…. I think most commenter's here have only ever seen their garage close to this clean once… the day they took possession of the property. As for the car, holy crap That's like brand spanking new. Someone should buy this beasty and do a sr20det swap. And then drive the balls out of it… oh wait I just had a vision but it may take some time to aquire the right bits as they haven't yet released the car. That new gm twin turbo V6 that they are stuffing into the Cadillac ats(I think). That could make some kind of durrty sled out of this. I wish I could finance and find the time to build some of the things that stew in my cranium. I'D BE RICH!¡¡¡¡ OK probably not.

    • We don't see any tools because they are hermetically sealed in a purpose built container that has been thoughtfully designed and hidden from view. This is garage is like an overly clean desk. Where's the freakin' clutter that gives it is lived in look?

      I'm all about cleaning the grease off my tools, but ya gotta have some grease, or at least the smell of some type of automobile fluids to give the place any ambiance. Who likes to drink beers with the guys in the hospital cafeteria… hell, no! You need a bowling alley with its years of grime and the combined scent of desenex/simple green/cigarettes which has permeated the asbestos tiles in the ceiling and the dark wood paneling on the walls to have a really memorable experience!

      And just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, let Tab Benoit regale you with the tale of the Bowling Monkey , to let it sink in… (It takes awhile to get to it, but its worth the entire listen) PS. If you don't know who Tab Benoit is, set aside another 30 minutes of your Sunday youtube time to get acquainted with some clean (no pedals, just a guitar and amp) blues.

    • You guys aren't reading into this enough. His wife won't let him buys cars to work on so that is why the garage is so clean

  • What an amazing car to survive in such condition. It would seem that the original owner was every bit as fussy as the current one; which leads me to a couple of semi-related rants.
    First, I must comment on the garage, wow! You could eat off that floor and everything in its place like doctordel mentioned in his comment. The only thing that looks slightly askew are some boxes on top of the cabinets which I would wager contain paper records from the seller’s business, or he’s an accountant or other professional requiring his posterior to be covered with reams of documents probably dating back to puberty. “Ah a receipt for a cup of coffee from 1998, wait a minute, here it is.”
    My garage, not even close, although everything is organized; it’s like me, ugly but functional. My walls are covered in ½ inch plywood which is more resistant to holes from tools thrown in frustration than drywall and if I need to hang anything but the heaviest stuff I don’t need to find studs. If I do damage a section of wall I just back out the screws and hang a new sheet in its place.
    This second point is destined to make me as popular as an IRS agent at a Power Ball winner’s celebration party. I’ve had my fill of car ads and commentary with the following phrases; wife forces sale, wife says it must go, wife won’t let me keep it, wife would kill me if a bought it, would love to have it but wife won’t let me, etc. If your wife is that much of a shrew, divorce her. I would then suggest military service or a stint in the North Dakota oil fields to reclaim your man-card.
    It is possible to treat your wife with love, dignity, and respect, and still not have to raise your hand to go to the bathroom. I mean Everybody Loves Raymond was a great show but it’s no way to run your life.
    Would you tell your son, “I hope someday you will find a domineering woman to run every aspect of your life so you can remain an irresponsible man-child forever.”
    OK, I’m done. It is possible this seller was just trying to be cute but the old First Sergeant in me has had enough.

    • All interesting comments, MarveH! Thanks for posting them.

      My take is that there's usually a lack of communication perpetrated by one or both sides. I've said this before in another context but transmission and receipt of information between a married couple is even more important than usual.

      I have a student that keeps telling me he can't understand why his SO gets upset when he doesn't greet her when he comes home from work (like his dog, is his logic). When I asked him if he's tried to make the effort, he just looks at me like I'm crazy. I am but that's not the point. He's not listening to a simple request from his chosen life partner; how long do you think that relationship's going to last? Yeah…

      Like you said, if it ain't working and you can't fix it (by yourselves or with professional help) then maybe it's time to take a different fork in the road.

      Your usage of cars in this example is a good one that has much wider implications. And the advice given to a son should be something like "Marry your best friend who brings out the best in you," just as you imply.

      A happy wife is a happy life. If there's no happy…then it's toxic.

    • BTW, I did my darndest to marry the wrong woman. Fortunately, fate had other plans for me. So it's not like I'm an expert in relationships. I just got lucky. VERY lucky.

      It's interesting to note the things that are wrong with the Datsun. Surprising the things that are listed as broken and need fixing. The owner is clearly retentive…but he left these things? Weird. Still an awesome find and I wish I could buy it.

  • These were decent cars, certainly for their day, and when you compare what the old RWD Japanese sports coupes go for vs their FWD replacements you clearly see what the market values.

    I'd love to love the current Scoobota but it seems to me they could have easily put a little more back seat in the thing.

  • A great piece of rolling 80's memorabilia. I always wanted one, but they never seemed to be for sale around here. The badging and tacked – on hood bulge (like on my old 82 Mustang GT) are way cool in my book. A cool competitor for early SVOs, Mopar 2.2 turbos and the like. Sweet find.

  • I sold Nissans in '87 and had the opportunity to drive a couple of these as used cars. They were pretty good, but when the 200 SX SE came out with the same V6 as the 300ZX it was a much more fun car to drive and sounded a lot better. A couple of us us ran each other against the 300ZX and the 200SX consistently beat the 300ZX. I also found it to be more tossable. Turbo or V6 they were both fun.

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