• I like it when sellers include pictures of a car on three different sets of wheels. Then I know how it will looks when I swap them out.

  • ~ i added this V8lvo to my watch list the other evening but with 'best offer' format you can't see what other prospective buyers think of the value, via the bid history. i know i have invested over $3000 more than that to bring mine to a similar level of completion. air conditioning was the largest single expense, although the compressor and condenser were already in place routing the refrigerant line set was a major challenge. cruise control wasn't easy to mesh together either. while my 740 has live axle, beginning with '88s the 760 used independent rear suspension. i guess i've owned it 4-5 years and it's still one of my favorite cars i have driven.
    – wheels – i used the 15 inch ten-spoke alloys from my 940 wagon, which vaguely resemble the old mini-lites.
    the buyer will enjoy this ride!!

  • A V8 Volvo for sale in Colorado? There is currently a stampede of hipsters, albeit at a very leisurely pace, on it's way from Seattle! Hide the Dorito's!

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