• It's a 1975, Californians…

    I don't know my Porch pancake-six history very well, how the 2.7 compares to a later 3.0 or even much later motors.

    I see a lot of hardware in those pictures, though, that looks like Bosch K-Jetronic CIS, or continuous-flow mechanical fuel injection. K-Jet is a black art, one that I once practiced in my Saab days, but today I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy (well, not true, I *would* wish it on my worst enemy, but not much of anyone else.)

    If you bought something like this, remove the K-Jet stuff, wave your hand over a Bible and mumble a few words, then tip the plank and let it slide overboard into your eBay listings.

    Someone out there may want it, but the rest of the world needs an aftermarket or DIY electronic setup.

    Do you know that the early Euro-market Saab turbos used a 6cyl fuel meter with two of the ports plugged? Yeah I did that to my '81 900. Did it help? Yeah, a little bit, after a LOT of component swapping. And these days…well…CIS was based on putting a circular flap in the airflow that the engine had to suck open against 80+ psi of fuel system pressure, and the linear movement of the plate controlled how much fuel went to the injectors.

    Get rid of the K-Jet, find an aftermarket or DIY electronic setup, you'll gain 20+ HP just from getting rid of the fuel/air meter box.

    • For California purposes all that matters is that it is pre 1976.

      The bumpers can be purged, but for a later car the California smog Gestapo will be a boil on your backside forever.

  • This thing looks like it might have some potential for fun at a reasonable price.

    However, I am not at all familiar with the 914 details. Can you remove the rear trunk lid and the trunk liner (like a lotus Europa) to get at the mechanical bits easily, or do you have to go at it from underneath?

  • Yeah it has the rubber bumpers, but the rubber bumpers come with windows that roll up more reliably, a real passenger seat, doors that are considerably safer, and much better seat belts.

    I love my 1970 914/6 but as transportation, the latter cars are better, not nearly as good as say my beater Subaru

    This car looks like it was originally lime green, why someone would repainted it that ugly maroon is hard to figure.

    It seems like a pretty good deal just in terms of parts for a hotrod 914/6

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