• You have the dogleg part flipped Sir. 1st is down and to the left where 2nd typically lives, and reverse is where 1st typically lives. Ask me how many bloody times I've started off in reverse at stoplights in my friend's 190E 2.3 16v, much to the horror of the people behind us (and the giddy delight of my friend riding shotgun).

  • Additionally, the rear is low because (according to the listing), the self leveling suspension is hosed. This system is similar-to-but-not-the-same-as the Nivomat system in some of the late 80's early 90's Volvo wagons.

    This system uses (correct me if I'm wrong) a cam-driven pump and reservoirs or accumulators at the rear corners attached via hose to the rear shock absorbers to keep the rear of the car level. It can be an expensive fix.

    On the cheap the non-SLS shocks and springs can be swapped in, but if you want to retain the factory SLS, brace your wallet.

  • This falls into the lumpy, bumpy and crunchy department. Top dollar for a clean car is just over $14 grand.

    Crispy leather seats, grungy carpets, failed SLS rear suspension and no under-hood or under chassis shots for $7500? I think they have been smoking off that bale boys. Of course the ask & buy are most always two different things and these guys are dealers, not hoarders.

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