• For the introduction of this model MB organized a race with racing drivers. The winner was a young guy named Ayrton Senna… that was the first time I heard/read about him…

    • That's cheap! Fortunately (or unfortunately, I'm not sure) I was busy and I couldn't keep track of the auction… otherwise I would now be heading to Virginia to pick it up…

  • Hi there.. I'm the seller of this car, and I appreciate the additional exposure here.


    The 190 was indeed bid up to $5200, which I thought was a little light, but someone should have gotten a great deal since it was no reserve. I say should have because despite bidding right up until the end, the supposed winner has been MIA.


    Anyway, you may see it relisted if I don't hear something soon. Or if interested, please contact me offline (hitch02@cox.net).



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