• This is likely the 110hp version… as the badge on the lid doesn't have wings or etc… I actually had one of these for a few years – took it to Puerto Rico with me while in the Air Farce where it did it's job in style. Even though it had a powerglide – it did fine on those nice Puerto Rican roads.. I totally enjoyed that car.

  • Looks promising, but a few more photos and a lot more verbiage (by the seller) would certainly help determine whether this car is worth buying. Maybe the ad should have been titled "Cryptic Corvair"?

  • ~ i had a friend at Drake in '67 who had the 220 horsepower Yenko Stinger. first car i had ever seen with an external oil cooler. what a monster. really! it slew 911's of the day in autocross, rally, and gymkhana. [what?] Tim [tool time] Allen owned and raced a Stinger

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