• Looks like all the heavy lifting is done. Just customize to your liking or drive as-is. I'd find some slim bumpers and mirrors and cool wheels and drive the heck out of it. Cool truck!

  • Truck looks pretty nice. Could have used more pictures and maybe a few of those could be under-carriage shots. Ad says no ac and heat. Looks like most of the hardware is there. Can't find the AC compressor, but maybe that is down low on the engine. Kudos to the seller for the green industrial equipment in the background of some of the pictures.

  • Getting the heat hooked up must of went beyond his technical skills, those hose cutters take a keen eye and steady hand. You can see the AC lines open to the air just behind the battery where they'd hook to the missing compressor. 1971 and 2000 AC systems are not compatible. With the Evap, condenser and all the air ducting in place its an easy to fix with new lines & compressor. My '75 Trailduster blows so cold with 2018 components that I have to turn it down.

  • I didn’t look close enough to see that “end” behind the battery. Good eye.
    And to those high-tech hose cutters, we all can’t be rocket scientist. LOL

  • Very cool truck. Job #1 for me would have to be fitting an OE style airbox. That tiny open filter has to be restrictive vs. a massive stock style unit, just by surface area difference alone.

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