• Dammit, how many Kaibezzys (ies?) do we have out there? The GOVT doesn't know their selling this yet and he's got it posted already? Sounds like a HOMELAND guy with a little too much resource at-hand.
    PS- I want this thing just to piss people off. Park it in a single space and tell they're having acid flashbacks when they complain.

  • How about:
    1) take quantity from Cheaper By The Dozen,
    2) merge with concept of Back To The Future,
    3) apply Wayne's World transformation
    4) =shoestring Hollywood hit

  • The market for this thing is Burning Man. The time to list it was 2 months ago. Way to go, government.

    I would put the white Facebook logotype on the blue stripe, tint the windows dark, add some weird-looking cameras and sonar gear to the roof, then creep through the Mission at idle speed and let people wonder.

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