• This is how my recent CL scam on a travel van went- I emailed the seller asking for interior shots, they replied via the CL anonymizing email system that they needed an email account to send me pictures. This immediately set off my scam warning but I played along by creating a new email account. They emailed and said that we would do the deal through EBay's to take advantage of the buyer protection program (still no pictures). They said they'd set up a special auction and I would have to purchase the vehicle using the 'Buy it now' option and it would be mine. I replied that it sounded strange but I might go along. They send pictures and include a sob story about how the van was her deceased husband's. "She" also says the van is in Chicago, to which I asked why it was listed in the Philly CL and not the Chicago CL. No response to the question. I do a reverse image search on the van and find a Spanish language Ebay site with the exact same photos and text but it says the van is in Massachusetts.
    Long story short, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This deal doesn't seem real.

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