• Looks like a good deal. The nicest thing about the Fox-body Mustangs is that they are so easy to work on. They are a car you could adopt and keep driving for a very long time. Also honest and well behaved on the road. Quick enough to be entertaining. If you must, more power is one a catalog away. I would be interested in a similar age/condition fastback.

  • Does anyone have experience with reliability on these? A buddy had one back in the early 2000's and it seemed to always leave him stranded. I can't tell if that's because his was beat/poorly maintained or if it's a common issue.

  • I put almost 100K trouble free miles on an '87 which was the first year of this engine and body trim. The only thing I ever noticed was that the locker rear-end was audible from the driver's seat. Best memory was setting a personal best time, (one-car Cannonball run) from OKC to BOS. No time to celebrate, as it was stolen the first night in Boston. Recovered a few days later and did the BOS-OKC run about 6 months later.
    The nose on this is cobbled up; it has bits from an LX and the front pieces don't match up well with the driver's fender. The holes in the trunk for the luggage rack should have let in gallons on NY rain, feeding the tin-worms, but hey for $3500, its a five lug converted 5.0 with (possibly upgraded brakes) and a huge after-market snorkus of an air cleaner.

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