• Ok, I'm not going to wait for you to post an Isuzu Gemini, so I'll just toss this up now.

    I'd much rather have one of these than a Scirocco. Looks nearly the same, but it has Right Wheel Drive.

  • Sadly, the Lotus engineered suspension transformed this car. I say sadly because the lack of it takes this car from "OMG WANT" for me to "cool, but meh". Why is it that the time capsule cars are never the ultimate variants of a given model car? Someone will have 10k miles on a 1987 Fiero GT instead off an 88, or a showroom fresh Acura NSX with automatic transmission.

  • This one is so damn clean that even for 5grand its a good deal imho, because you could swap in all sorts of newer motor/trans setups and have even more fun under 10grand total. This to me is like a classy trueno and I would have a lot of fun with it, being rwd and all.

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