• The work looks to be of high quality. I have to wonder how much of an improvement the engine swap really made, compared to the amount of effort it took. I think this might be an illustration of the old adage: "Be careful who [or what] you fall in love with".

  • I'm looking at the top picture and thinking that the Homeowners Association has ordered the sale.

  • No kidding. All that work and they put hubcaps on it? Plus, that yellow paint would have been my last choice.

    Cool build, though.

  • My dad was uh, thrifty, so he bought a series of used well-used AMCs when I was young, mainly Rebels and a 1970 Hornet with the straight 6. The thing I remember about that Hornet was the engine when idling was so smooth and quiet that you could barely hear it. I recall a couple of times my parents being distracted, starting the car, only to hear the started motor screech since it was already running.

    I also remember when I was closing in on 16, my dad sold a 1962 Thunderbird and was going to replace it with a Gremlin. I was horrified. In the end he ponied up for one of the first Rabbit Diesels off the boat. Painfully slow, but a good car to learn to drive on.

    This is a cool build not far from home, love the engine, but I want nothing to do with a yellow Hornet.

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