• ~ drat, i really tried to like it.
    . let me see…. $3000 into 67289HP equals about -how much per….? well, interesting idea, potential pocket-change rocket, 'custom paint', the hard parts complete, …
    . i'm still trying. the aluminum BOPR 3.5L V8 woulda been my choice for a transplant. 100 fewer pounds over the front wheels.

  • Now I understand why I've read Pennsylvania written as "Pennsyltucky" before.

    This would be perfect in the background of a Weird Al music video. Otherwise, it's just a joke.

  • I am thinking about dropping my ford 5.4dohc in one. T56 trans behind it. But don't worry I've got an aluminum flywheel for it. Oh and if the turbos I have laying around end up on it I will be sure to mount them in the trunk to help offset a bit of weight. That should help you guys sleep better.

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