• Terrific post, CFlo! Super interesting, sharply written, and all the more so because I'm in it. I mean to say, that made it more interesting to me. You know what I'm… Oh, bother.

    The car really was an extreme blast to drive. There's very little between you and the internal combustion, and there was *a lot* of internal combustion at those revs. I'd call it an enticingly *mechanical* connection, unlike modern cars where the shifts, no matter how smooth, only seem vaguely related to the other business, or worse, where shifting is actually a chore (lookin' at you, Mercedes).

    As a means of practical transportation, however, yeah, no, not really. The seller seemed like quite a decent fellow, and I hope he gets what he needs here.

  • Body shop or body schnapps? This is a prime candidate for el Corollarino. Break out the sawz-all, the mdf and the plexiglas and meet us back here in a couple months.

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