• Nice tone-down on the grossly overexposed photos in the original ad!

    Yeah, this could be the find of the week/month if it really is rust free. Mechanical bits are easy compared to rust.

    • Yes – the original photos hurt my eyes, so I did a quick brightness/contrast correction, plus some digital sharpness. There is just zero range in the area around the hood/grill so I failed in my ultimate goal of coaxing the front end details out of the jpgs…someday I will create a photo sharing site that allows nothing but rull res raw images and become good friends with both people who upload photos to the site…. and craigslist will still be littered with circa 1997 Samsung flip phone images.
      Agree'd on the value of this one.

  • I had a friend check it out and appears to hold true on the rust free statements. So I grabbed it. Next, address the fuel issues and a few other issues that came up when checking it out.

    • Nice! Thanks for the report and congrats on what looks like a solid car for a good cheap price. Send us some better photos please, and a short blurb about the purchase, and we will post it as a DT success story.

    • Well Vince, I didn't reply because the story was less than great. I picked up the car after a friend checked it out…ran very rough but was on 10yr gas and sort of stopped. The body was great…which really motivated me. Well I am located on the East Coast and the car was on the West so I had a Fiat specialist give it a thorough check. Not good and as I could not do any work…the bill to get her whole again was too high for me to commission the work at the shop and my plan of spending some time in the Seattle area working did not transpire so I am putting her up for sale. See it here seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/4666439070.html

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