• Keep up! I'm a little bored of the same-old, same-old and you don't give a rat's behind what I think of the Axxess so for the past couple of days I've been picking my favorite movie featuring (at least a scene with) the posted car. Don't worry, I'll stop soon. Too bad because you could have learned about some really cool flicks.

    • If you're bored, I'm sure there's a movie blog on the web somewhere you could go to and post movie clips. That would at least make sense.

    • If you're bored, I'm sure there's a car blog on the web somewhere you could go to and not talk about cars. That would at least make sense.

    • Hey K2, take it easy. I'm not the same commenter as the other person above, but I have to agree with Anonymous #1 and I feel someone should say something. At first you admit to having nothing to say about the Axxess and so you post a movie clip that I also see no relation to the car in mention (or any car… though I agree that Bruce Campbell is the man), then you berate someone trying to keep things on topic by suggesting he/she go find another car blog to not talk about cars. Isn't that just exactly what you did to spark this back and forth? And later, below, you talk about promoting non-car convos and inside jokes. That also seems to be counter to your argument. Maybe think about that for a second.

      I don't think it's too far off base now to point out the sheer quantity of your comments and that many seem off point, even if they are car-related. It sometimes seems like the "K2 Show" on DT with 7 or 8 of the last 10 comments always being from you. You're free to post what you like, but it can become tiresome to others. It's a lot to slog through. The editorial content on this site is already shrinking from what it used to be.

      As a long-time reader and contributor, since nearly day one, I've seen the site change, some for better, some for worse. It would just be nice to keep this place car-centric, as opposed to some of the other sites that have lost the plot. But DT is starting to be less about content and more of a forum or bulletin board. If you're looking to create casual dialogue about off-topic items like awesome movies, maybe there's a better outlet for it elsewhere. And DT hasn't been a place for harsh criticism or serious disagreement. As a visitor, it would be nice that it stay that way.

      And so I don't get flamed for contributing nothing car-related, here's a personal experience I can share. I used to regularly attend a local weekly car gathering. The people were great and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. After a few years of this, one new person started to show up and he was not a fit for the group. He was loud, obnoxious, and had to be the center of attention. Within a few weeks many of the regulars starting dropping off and soon after, the rest gave up and the group disbanded. Sometimes one person can rub others the wrong way and ruin a good thing for the rest. All we wanted to do was hang out and share our interests in cars. Take from my story what you want. I hope this is the end of this discussion. It is for me and I don't want to participate in further debate on the subject.

    • Instead of spending your energies and time criticizing others, why not make a constructive comment or two?

      The relation between all of the movies/trailers I've posted were that the featured DT car is IN the film. Not only do I have to know about cars but I have to have watched about a million movies (I actually have) to even know it. On top of that, I had to bloody remember the connection! If you truly love cars and you have any affinity to movies whatsoever, you'd realize how cool that is. You clearly don't and that's fine. To each his or her own.

      Here's the secret to posts that you're not interested in: don't read them. I suppose you're one of those folks that prefer staring at a wall, not thinking and not contemplating new things. But not me. I'm not okay with that and it disturbs me when people seek out to stop any thinking in those directions. Le Mons must drive you crazy.

      It's amazing how big of a contributor you are but you can't be bothered to follow the one simple rule of creating a username. That doesn't ring true at all and sounds like a justification for your critical comments.

    • Still, there are DTers that I just ignore what they write. Why? Because they aren't saying anything new and they're just spouting numbers and one-sided opinions with absolutely no interest in what anybody else says or thinks or has experienced. That's messed up and the sign of rampant narcissism gone horribly wrong. Sort of like criticizing people for having something, anything actually creative to say. If that means to you "loud, obnoxious and…the center of attention" then JUST IGNORE ME. It's simple. There's the mouse, there's your keyboard, you're in control.

      I'm not sure if you realize this but we're not at your local weekly car gathering. We're online. You might also notice that I don't comment about everything and I ask almost as many questions as I comment, maybe equally. I do that because I actually CARE what other people think. You've done effectively none of that. Instead, you criticize for no reason other than to squelch and squash creativity and enthusiasm. You should be ashamed of yourself and those are the signs of person who truly believes the world revolves around them. I know the difference. Thus, the questions, the seemingly off-topic comments (not a SINGLE one is IF you pay attention) and the poking and prodding to see what DTers know. They can help me grow in my understanding and knowledge and we can have fun doing it.

      You clearly have a vision for this blog that I clearly do not share. Guess what? NEITHER of us just any say. I know El Jefe is appreciative of user contributions but let's face it; he and the staff don't really care what you and I have to say on a core business (such as it were) level. They're going to do what they want.

      The fact is, I'm not interested in a lot of things that DT clearly is; I'm not particularly interested in racing, I think engine swaps are ridiculous at least 80% of the time and it drives me nuts that expensive cars are expensive to fix. But that's just me and I know most people do not agree with me. Still doesn't stop me from b*tching about those things – because it's funny, we're not all robots and have the same thoughts and differences in opinions should be celebrated not exterminated, as you're suggesting.

      Again, I'd encourage you to come out of the shadows instead and become a contributing member of this blog. I'm sure you have some great things to share and maybe you'll learn to appreciate and even add a little creativity to this tiny part of life. Don't be afraid. You can't take anything with you when you pass on from this plane, except the relationships you had with the people here, so communication is worth the effort. You might even grow to like some of your fellow DTers. I know I do. Even in the very short time I've been on DT, I've met some truly awesome people that I would relish sitting down to a beer with. In fact, I hope to do exactly that in the near future.

    • @K2 Mystery Car: Don't listen to those crabby bastards. They wouldn't know a good thing if it ran them over. You are the one of, if not the, best reasons to look at this blog. Otherwise, it's pretty much like all the rest. Keep it up, keep it surprising and ignore those idiots. I'm a longtime lurker and this just pisses me off.

    • Couldn't agree more with the last anonymous posting…it would be wise to consider their comments. Quit trying to monopolize the board please. Sincerely, every long time reader here.

    • Ignore the creativity nazis. They're clearly morons and they've got zero to add. I'm thinking anybody who posts as "Anonymous" and is either too stupid or too wimpy to simply create a username is a troll.

      [img] drakalogia.wikispaces.com/file/view/censorship.jpg/60532830/censorship.jpg[/img]

  • atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/cto/4991585127.html

    [img] i.imgur.com/oSXA1Xl.jpg[/img]

    • See what I wrote above, Anonymous? It took a little work and a knowledge of cars that many people are frightened of. And yet…nobody commented, nobody cares and nobody wants to know. I'm mixing things up to keep things interesting for me and see if anybody else wants to talk about something other than hp, why there's play in the front suspension, engine swaps for people with way too much time and money on their hands and RSA valuations. NONE of those things are bad. But how many times can you have those conversations? Gotta mix things up a bit! Maybe somebody else will see things from a different angle with me and we can shoot the breeze. I have to try.

      Unless of course, you'd like to have an conversation about forgotten people movers with me….hey wait, where did you go?


    • Dear Anonynony, please figure out how to sign your name or create a username. The directions are at the bottom. It's worth your time.

      In the meantime, you might have noticed my little joke above. Depending on your taste in humor, it's not only funny on a surface level but also as an "inside" joke with another DTer. More importantly, note that not a single person responded to it. That's fine. Not all jokes are 1) funny and 2) worthy of a followup. But it would have been a lot more fun it somebody else joked along with me. Why not you?

    • I know why——mid-engine, and count the pedals.
      [img] ipocars.com/imgs/a/h/k/i/r/toyota__previa_gl_with_air_conditioning_1991_4_lgw.jpg[/img]

    • Because they ARE cool. In addition to what FTB said, add…

      [img] i.imgur.com/QktVjWy.jpg?1[/img]


      [img] i.imgur.com/Uo6xLMs.png?1[/img]

    • Ahh yes, the blower that was optional on the Previa… otherwise known as "the reason many of the old Previas you hear on the road in SoCal sound like they're towing an anchor behind them." Most people don't realize its there and requires maintenance.

  • Long-time lurker here, but I feel compelled to chime in. I gotta say, I appreciate many of your comments K2, but sometimes you really do suck all the air out of the room. Your knowledge of cars is impressive and proven, so let some of the other kids have a chance. I enjoy your exuberance, but I worry others may be feeling pushed to the sidelines. Don't leave, don't get pissed, just leave some room for the rest of us.

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