• A friend's dad owned one some years back and before it caught on fire it was awesome. It was fast and made cool sounds and there was a lot of leather and things that could break. It felt like a lot more than 185hp, that number seems low to me.

    • Unfortunately fire was a common problem with early BiTurbos. Back in the early 90's the local Alfa club had a tech session at the Alfa/Ferrari/Mazer dealer. There was a BiTurbo in the shop with the engine out. I tried not to get to close to it, lest my wallet get sucked out of my back pocket of my jeans…

    • Whenever I see one I wonder how difficult it would be to swap out it's awful guts for something that isn't specifically designed to hate you back while you're driving it. The old Jaguars were lucky with their Chevy transmissions, I've never seen it done on one of these.

  • For a CL ad the seller is alarmingly thorough. And a trifle excited/excitable given his prolific use of the !!! Looks like it is in that sweet spot where you can drive it for a little while, scratch the Biturbo itch and then sell it for about the same money or so.

    • from my (OK, vast… VAAAAST) CL dredging experience the ad is a far outlier in terms of info – my note to the tips line was:

      encyclopedia italianicca – didn't see that coming – obviously cared for – not expensive either – all that talk you'd think he was gearing up for a 5-figure ask

  • These cars were appealing to me in my naive teenage years. Even test drove a couple. True, one of these would be fun to have for a while, but only with some "expected maintenance" funds in the bank and a devoted friend with a car-hauler. Makes me imagine how awesome these things would have been with the reliability and build quality of a Toyota! Though these look a little too much like a VW Fox, I still think they are cool. Google Maserati Shamal or Ghibli II. You will see what later versions of these cars looked like in the old country. The flares are cool, just don't look at the rear end of the Shamal without wearing a welding mask.

    • I didn't understand your welding helmet comment until I Google Imaged a Shamal…..more lights on the tail end of that car than the new Dodge Charger…

  • Read a brilliant comment about these once, I think from the Shitbox Market Letter. Couldn't find it on the Google, but I recall it was something like: "The Maserati Biturbo is not a car. It is a clock, rather garishly surrounded by pigskin. And if you opt for the convertible, you cannot even be guaranteed of keeping your clock dry."


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