• One at the grocery store parking lot, another at the church parking lot and the last one at the DMV while looking for a parking place to renew her license!! 🙂

  • Brad tells me the battery isn't hooked up, which is why the decklid is ajar. The last photo shows the instrument cluster fired up. Either the battery isn't hooked up and there really is a ghost in the machine, or the wedge switch that controls the deck close motor is busted. Common problem, cheap fix.

    At 1/2 the money of the Mercedes 600SL, this is a pretty nice ride. But you have to keep an eye on the motor. Early Gen1 Northstars were notorious for leaks. At least it isn't an HT4100. Those were just plain bad.

  • ~ when this first dropped at my inbox i admit i ignored it. the miles are good but the accident history nullifies that. in about '97 i bought a contemporary convertible conversion [similar to; farm5.static.flickr.com/4091/4996733118_508e98dc18.jpg] in partnership with a dirt-bag ex-partner. the cowl-shake over slight road imperfections was a total non-Cadillac like experience. can't recall if it had been hacked by ASC or Hess and Eisenhardt, but the ride was horrible.

  • I have been looking at these for a while now , as for some reason being poor and forcibly retired at 34 (since I was 24) by a azz pain condition (not literarly a pian in the ass but pancreatitus) I have wanted a big comfy cruizer. The crazy in me says wait a few more years and get a used cts-v and thats what I have been diong.

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