• I'm in Georgia… and currently dd'ing a much heavier car with the same engine. So much temptation here!

    While the supercharged 3800 goes with Fieros like peanut butter and jelly, I think there's a few other truly great swap options.

    1. The high output Quad Four from the Calais 442 or Acheiva SCX. This may be mostly for historical reasons – rumor has it Pontiac considered this as a factory option, and it had the Corvette team furious at the possibility that another division might one-up them, and with half the cylinders.

    2. The LS4 front wheel drive V8. Harder to find a good manual transaxle option than the 3800, though.

    • I am currently working on swapping a K20 into mine. I felt a high reving engine made more sense in a mid engined car and liked the aftermarket support for the K engines.

    • Well that's a new spin on an old theme! Until last year I owned a '00 Insight with a K20a swap. Every time I drove that car I got out of it with my knees knocking together and a case of the shakes.

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