• $3,150 is a surprisingly popular listing price that gets you all kinds of options, like a 1950 DeSoto (with conquistador hood ornament).

    • Wow, that hood ornament is amazing, in the most politically-incorrect way. Thanks for pointing it out. I will keep my eyes open at swap meets.

      I bet these were not big sellers in Latin America.

  • Oh yeah? Here's a 2001 Taurus for $3144. If anyone wants to buy it I will personally chip in the $2.41. (You pay shipping on the bag of pennies.)

    • While looking at these pictures, I called and made an emergency appointment with my optometrist. Then when I clicked back to another page I called and canceled.

  • ♪♫
    Supreme, go now, Kyle, 1, 2, 3

    Burrito Supreme
    and a Chicken Supreme
    and a Cutlass Supreme


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