• ~ CFlo, i'm surprised, well no – i'm shocked this Volvo racer hasn't garnered A SINGLE COMMENT!! perhaps the most exclusive and incredible 1800 i have seen in many years. is everyone asleep?
      . what has it got going for it? i mean besides everything above, that i just read for the third time.
      . racing history since new, Holman-Moody build, full provenance, qualified as-is for many series, spares out the ass, fiberglass composite body panels, Minilite magnesium wheels plus originals & two sets of competition tires, superior brakes, custom chassis, 3-stage dry sump oiling, yada-yada blah-blah-blah! what did i miss? has the Rapture taken all of my fellow Volvo freaks? has every DT reader gone blind?
      . well Chris (and Mitch) i guess it's up to us to carry on. more Volvos for us. let's go racing.

    • i was speechless, still am – as a garden-variety, daily-grind kind of motorist, i don't have a lot of context for something like this – seems like a fantasy car, something in a museum – hard to know what to say, or even where to start thinking about it – like the time i was on line at the bank in front of jennifer aniston

  • I am Frank Dumproff's son, John. The memories that came flooding back when a friend sent me a link to this article are great. Lots of fond memories as a child watching Dad race at Watkins Glenn, Bridge Hampton and Lime Rock on weekends. I would like to get in touch with Mitch

    • John, fantastic! I am astounded that you were able to find your Dad's car once again through Daily Turismo. I forwarded your email on to Mitch and wish you all the best. Please keep us posted.

  • Could this be the same car I saw run in the 60s at both Riverside and Sebring. I don't recall that paint job tho.

  • Its came into work today in north bay ontario. Canada. New owner by the name of dan. Not sure last name. It is getting ready for another vintage race. Now has been numbered 155 on the side.

    • If you see it come in for further prep/maintenance, let me know. I'd like to keep tabs on this car for the near future.

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