• I want this car SOOOOO bad. I have been looking for a pre-1980 cressida for quite some time. I've run across a few, but they are either heavily modified, across the country, or outrageously overpriced. Especially since this is a wagon, this car kills me. I want it.

    But why does it have to be in Oregon, and have Washington plates on it? Why God? Why not let someone sell one down here in SoCal with a clean history. Why.

    • I just bought an '80s Volvo wagon in Seattle and drove it to SoCal. It took 2.5 days of driving, about 1300 miles. Fuel cost was under $200. Staying with friends and family along the way meant no lodging costs. Cheaper than shipping, but I was up there already…

    • Apparently there's enough public demand for me to do a write up – but it's a 245 diesel, and not either one you posted. Bought expressly because it's exempt from emissions inspection here in CA and therefore can accept all manner of engine swaps (evil grin)…

    • Register it in CA first, get the title in your name, all that jazz. This probably isn't your first rodeo, but last 2 cars I bought from out of state had to go through the "vehicle verification lane" at the DMV before they'd let me tag them here.

      Probably just me being over-cautious… but if you roll through in your "diesel" 245 with a Mad Max style blower sticking through a hole in the hood and reeking of 110 leaded, they might suspect something.

      Looking forward to the write-up!!

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