• The Mk2 Cortina engine compartment's pretty big, even the Mk1 was quite wide if very short.

    It will swallow a 302 V8 with none of the ugly surgery needed to do that to a Mk1. Or, probably, even an LS3. There's a slight chance something like one of the late 4.6/5.0 mod motors might fit, particularly the 3-valve version, but I'm not sure.

    But really, it depends a lot on whether you're trying to build a missile or going for balance.

    I would personally never use the 2.3 turbo, it's nasty and shaky.

    The aesthetically correct choice is a Cosworth YB, the turbo twincam version of the Pinto 2-liter, but they were never sold in the US so you'll be paying some freight from Jolly Old.

    Alternatives: 2-liter Duratec four, 2-liter Zetec four, 3-liter Duratec V6, 2.9 or 4.0 Cologne. Not so sure about the later Duratec 35/37, they look quite tall.

  • Wow, that ad was really something. It's difficult to imagine what it must have been like growing up in those days. Something about that wagon just whispers "make me electric". A few of the more powerful warp motors and some recycled Prius batteries could be just what this thing needs.

    • BJ, please resist that urge. Cool old cars deserve to remain in the realm of the petrol burners. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of Geo Metros that await your electric conversions. In those cases, you are doing a favour to both sides of the divide.

    • I disagree entirely. There are enough boring old I.C.E.s out there. The best swap is a full conversion, regardless of the car.

  • Yup, if a car company tried to run that sort of ad copy these days, you would get a blast of s**t that would have you run permanently out of the advertising business. But then again, it would be headline news and as they say, even bad advertising is good advertising.
    There must be some way to lampoon such sexist copy and make it successful marketing. Mmmm, maybe not. At least not with the women I have to live with.

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