• Two strokes are definitely better than four. I've had two Yamaha RD350s (one I rode to Cincinnati from DC and back in the rain, the entire time, in jeans and a leather jacket and a Davida half-helmet and goggles).

    Also had numerous Vespas. Took a 1964 Vespa VBB I had kitted out to 210cc with a 35mm Mikuni roundslide carb, reed valves, etc, etc, flew it to Portland and drove it back across the country to NY in 2006. Got a "thumbs up" and the driver flashed me a 90mph! with his fingers running neck and neck with a Civic in Utah. He's probably still telling that story.

    Later built a 1979 Vespa P200 into a 225cc monster. GPSd at 88 mph in Washington DC. Never did get that thing wound out anywhere. Closest I got was around 90mph and still had not hit the main jet on the 32mm Mikuni flat slide and had another 1/4 throttle to go.

    90 mph on 10 in wheels on a scooter that weighs around 200lbs is the stuff for younger men, or drunks, only one of which I was at the time.

  • Had a friend who started out on a 90 Bridgestone then bought a twin 180 with the high pipe's this model came with high pipes also i believe pretty bikes (Scrambler) I grew up in Normandy Park just north of Des Moines Wa.

    • Another '67 Bridgestone 90 victim here. The 4 down gearbox with no stop on 4th was interesting to say the least. Had an endless shift drum – zing, missed a shift? Zeeeeeeee! Oops back in 1st…

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