• You know what that S/R package got you? .2 seconds slower to 60, almost 1/2 second slower in the 1/4 mile, and a worse skidpad.

    The only 2 performance metrics that improved were Slalom by .2 mph and a few extra feet braking from 70. Perhaps that's the "other" reason the sales never took off… or the fact that they only made 100 or so according to MT.

    • where are you getting your information? i still have the original sales brochures and a slew of articles from magazines that did testing that say otherwise. i've also owned two S/R's and two non-S/R's in the past. the S/R is noticeably faster…but it's still slow. on the same set of tires (literally, took them off one car and put them on the other) i was a full 1.5 seconds faster in my buddy's stock S/R than i was my other buddy's stock 2003 zx2…same course, same day..72 some odd second second course.

    • dude thats not true at all. it handled way better on the skidpad. it pulled a .87 which is nowhere near what a stock zx2 would do. What have you been smoking ? lmfao

  • They definitely made over a thousand of these things (in yellow, black and red) but unfortunately they share the same body as the lesser ZX2 and I can see the rust in the rockers from here. I've seen a few for sale cheap but I wouldn't even want to jack one of them up to change a flat tire for fear of it breaking in half. Grassroots Motorsports did an article about them recently which can probably be found on their web site.

  • My wife won't let me buy one because it's almost impossible to keep attractive gold diggers from flinging themselves at you when you're behind the wheel of one of these little panty-droppers.

  • I have a 2000 SR with a stage 2 transmission hot shot cold air intake, light weight clutch and fly wheel premium sound system, racing suspension, and 17 inch rpm aluminum rims with low profiles that grip the road just right. Im doing in 80MPH in 3rd gear before red lining. That's without it being tuned or boosted. It only has 90k on it its my show stopper for now but dont worry im not done tuning when its done i will definitely post some pics of it.

  • I own two. Yellow with under 40,000 miles and original, one owner…
    Black with over 100,000 miles and purchased used. Husband hoped to also get a red one for shows… having a trio.

  • I ordered a 2k s/r as new and still enjoy it. They didn't sell in any great numbers because they were not formally promoted. I felt they were under equipped (and underpriced) by not having a factory limited slip differential, which would have helped greatly improve its performance on track.Overall, I have greatly enjoyed it.The Zx2 S/R is the only Escort ever sold in north America with a premium fuel calibration from the factory. It is also the only four cylinder car ford produced for competition purposes in north America other than the 1985 Mustang SVO comp prep pkg model. It is an uncommon car in many ways.

  • I also wanted to add that the author of the article regarding the Escort in north America seems to fail in understanding that the Escort served its buyers quite well as an economy car. Most buyers who sought performance stepped into a Mustang or Thunderbird. As for the snarky comment on "people who live in trailers" the author might do a bit more research and discover the EXP coupe version of Escort had the highest buyer demographics of any fwd small car sold in n. America in 1984/5!Highest demographic means educated,good income level and young enough to be a potential multi time customer. It was only unseated from that by the Honda Preludesin 1986.Escort also had among the highest repeat purchase rates of any domestic small car. So it was not "hated" by its owners.just felt that needed to be said.

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  • The yellow SR is a photo of my car as I was on a cross country drive. You can see Road America Touring stickers on the rear side window. A wonderful car!

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