• At the risk of sounding stupid (actually that's well established, so no risk at all,really), what's "BP"…I've never heard it used before. Is it an engine code, like S52 on a BMW?

  • Correct, it's a line of Mazda engines in the 1980s and 1990s. The 323 GTX had the BPT (for turbo), 1.8-liter Miatas had the BPE8, and so on. It's a shame they only run on BP gas though.

  • This is cute. Never get it registered in CA with the open-element air filter and header, but it's cute.

    I'm guessing that it's got an open diff and manages a good dose of one-wheel peel, though.

  • Yep, great CL ad. Let's preserve key parts of it for posteriority, shall we then? Last line is the clincher, right? Like maybe he actually persuaded a female of some kind.

    This is not your regular Festiva. Oh no no no. This is a 'Beastiva'. What is a 'Beastiva' you might ask? Well let me break it down for you.

    Normally this car has a 1.3L 8 valve wonder-bar that pushes out 50 small ponies on a good day. But that wasn't good enough so, a 1.8L DOHC Mazda 'BP' was taken from a Ford Escort GT, given new life through a full rebuild by Cylinder Head Service and HnG Machine, Felpro, King, Sealed Power and my hands. It now has 120 of those rampaging ponies under the hood and at 1500 lbs, this pertinacious little bulldog has the legs of a supermodel. Oh yeah.

    … bla bla aftermarket parts bla …

    OBX-R Micro Fart can 'to keep wilderness life off the road as you pronounce your presence.'
    Small box with moving parts and rotating shafts that make 120-130 rampaging mustangs.

    … bla parts bla …

    This is in fact. A car. But would be better used as a fun project to attract the female persuasion from other cars of much higher cost after humiliation through the gauntlet.

    Look at the pictures

    Pure ladies magnet.


    … bla …

    Selling because interests changed.

  • Everything about this is wonderful and insane. It doesn't matter that there were much better platforms, if anything it only makes this beautiful crapbox even more unique. Now how would one get a Cummins in there?

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