• Looks clean and sounds well done.

    I supposed it’s a good thing nearly every interesting swap lacks AC, as otherwise is would find myself destitute, regularly scrounging pocket change in order to finance my next bad decision.

  • Cool swap! Seems the seller is moving it along before having to smog it?? Or…does that not apply in Gilroy?

  • Wow. Looks like they completely cut the core support out to move the radiator forward, and took the front of the inner fenders along with it. Not the cleanest job, but it still looks like it would be fun. And if it runs and drives well? Nice way to finish up a project car and still be able to take it out for a drive. But between that work, the door to fender fit and the damage to the rear corner? 6500 seems a bit hopeful. I do like that body style though.

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