• You had me at cock & sausage… 😀

    Two original keys AND the two for the glove box as well?? That's something you don't read every day. This one pulls off the old school color combo very well to boot.

  • Having owned (and loved) a 944, I can honestly say I haven't seen any looking this good, this old, for this low a price.

    Great car.

    Prolly needs a new timing belt, if it hasn't been replaced in the past 3-4 years.

    And worth finding a used windshield wiper motor (they wear out). 20 years ago, new ones cost $400! I remember thinking I could've bought a Japanese small block for about the same price.

    Would'a been hard to fit under the wipers tho'…

    -Stan (the front* Porch Stan)


    • Based on the number of receipts shown, maybe one of those is for a timing belt. I know the area where the car is shown to be. BIG and expensive homes so I'm willing to bet the owner has the coin to keep it top notch. I've never owned a 944, but this one looks like the one to get.

  • When I was 19 I sold my 1970 396 SS Chevelle to buy an 944. It was a great car. I can't remember the aftermarket parts place in Long Beach where I ordered a louvered rear valance and a new throttle response cam. They would have a pretty fun yearly Porsche gathering.
    I am sure almost everyone that has owned a 944 has had to replace the leather shift boot that integrated up onto the knob.
    I thought it was an awesome car until I drove my friends turbo.

    I really like how clean the above one is. Great interior.

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