• Non original colors, interior, etc. There should be a steep discount for this odd venture away from "stock", but instead we have the most expensive Corvair on the planet.

  • Well put, DT. All of it.

    A suggestion: have your web coders come up with a way to post via mobile that is more user friendly and less cumbersome. Posting with iPhone is pretty rough. You cannot correct your entry without having to refresh the whole page, thus deleting your response. And the captcha will not auto center, making it impossible to see the text without manually adjusting the screen, which then also makes further text input impossible without refreshing the page.

  • @del – i've found that when the text field won't take input, you can click the Done button on your little virtual keyboard, then tap back in the text box and it will let you type more – no refers necessary – give it a try! cheers

  • Thanks for giving me an opportunity to comment on that crazy pricing of $36k for the 122s!!! ….and just when my wife was talking me into getting rid of my 67 Amazon 122s wagon project in the exact same color, then I see this happen!! What's a guy to do?! …Thanks for talking sensibly to us about what things SHOULD be selling for…

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