• I have traveled down this road before…just remember that the maintenance and repair parts for a $100K+ new car are still the same (or higher) when that lofty coach of the gods is a shiny $20K siren…just waiting to lure you onto the rocks of financial misery.

    One rule I have painfully learned is that you always buy these highly depreciated (but fun) time bombs from the original owner, only when they have full and up-to-date service histories, and NEVER keep them past 60K or so (when the big $$$ repairs typically begin). Buy smart, enjoy for a year or two, and sell gratefully….with some buying skill (and luck), you'll break even or possibly lose just your T-shirt in the end.


  • These were very pretty cars, from a whole generation of very pretty Benzes.

    And it's undoubtedly faster than most of its drivers could handle. I'd guess, given the nature of the typical US SL owner, most of these things have never touched 120mph, effectively making it a very expensive VW Eos TDI.

  • Bought an 03 for less than 15k. I taught myself every inch of the car so I avoid the 2k repair bills. Now I own a true super car for peanuts. It is a true rocket ship. Will outrun almost anything on the road. Took it to local dragstrip for a test and tune. Everyone laughed until the 12.14 lit up the results board.

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